Monday, 15 September 2014

Around the World blog hop!

Hello!  Time for some blog hopping!  The lovely Lynz (a fellow Scot) from Domestic Light and Magic nominated me, along with some other lovelies to share my answers to the following questions.

I was in the Hipbees with Lynz and have known her for a good wee while now online.

So here are my answers.  Hope you enjoy.......

1. What am I working on?


I currently have two secret projects that I need to keep under wraps for the time being, (boooooooo I know) but my main work in progress I would like to finish is this quilt.  Each block (apart from one) was stitched up by the lovely members of the Hipbees after I sent fabric out to them.  I love the navy and the colours throughout this.  I have started hand quilting it, which is why it is taking longer to come together but it will be worth the effort!

2. How does my work differ from others?

Well I certainly would not say I have my own style or anything.  I am quite glad because I wouldn't want to be pigeon holed and for that type of work to be expected of me.  I tend to work on what I love.  One thing I do love is hand quilting.  So perhaps that makes me a little different, but then many quilters love hand quilting!
I just make what I love, purely and simply.  I tend not to go with fashions, trends or use one whole line of fabric for a quilt ( mostly because I can't afford to buy a whole line of fabric quite often lol!).

3.Why do I write/create what I do?

 This could be a loooooong answer but I will keep it short!  I do it for me! I caught the quilting bug not long after the arrival of my second child.  I had a husband who was working evenings and needed something for my brain.  Being 'just a mum' does something bad to your brain I am sure!
If I don't sew or create then I get miserable.  As many of us have said, 'Quilting is my therapy'.

 I blog my quilting adventures because there was no real life quilting community I was able to participate in when the kids were little.  I was stuck at home in the evenings as hubby was working so I found my quilting contemporaries online.  Quilters like to share ideas and inspiration and writing about our creations helps foster a sense of community and belonging too.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

Well I like to think that I am a tidy, organised quilter but in reality I am not.  My creative process is much like my mind at times.  I have a large notebook I write those mind map thingies in when I have an idea and then I am very good at putting myself off these ideas by the time I am finished.

My workspace is always messy.  I tend to work between the kitchen table and my sewing desk.  I can be organised when it comes to quilt maths and organising my blocks for sewing but generally I am a messy beggar.

My writing is sporadic and not planned out particularly well either.  I don't schedule blog posts ( who knew!) and tend to write only when I have something to say or share.

Anyway enough about me.  Now it is the turn of my nominated ladies.  First up I asked Sarah from Sew Me to take part.  Sarah was in the Hipbees with me too and is a lovely, organised quilter.  She makes the most beautiful work.
My next nomination (tbc) is Sheila from Bluepatch Quilter.  Another fellow Scot and a quilter of immense experience.  She is very wise and knows so much.  We are currently in the Bee a Brit Stingy Bee together.

Hope you enjoyed reading all about me and join the ladies next Monday 22nd September to read what they share.
Collette x

Friday, 5 September 2014

A Friday finish!

I for one am glad it is Friday!  It has been a busy week with school, patchwork classes and just generally trying to keep on top of washing and the drudgery that domestic bliss (ha!) can sometimes be!

I haven't done a huge amount of sewing this week but have started a little project with some hexies.  These are little ones but only form part of something larger.

I also finished up this infinity scarf using the fabulous tutorial by Jessica on her blog Sew Homegrown.
It is a super tutorial and very easy and fast to make.  I bought a fat quarter of this Anna Maria Horner print and pondered what I would use it for, for ages!!!! I knew it would be something for me but I really didn't need another pouch or bag.

So since it is such a stunning fabric and one you want to show off, I figured a scarf for the winter was the way to go!

I hate selfies but I guessed with this I kind of had to!
Really don't like selfies! but here is the scarf!

I used a Kona cotton in my favourite colour of the moment, Wasabi.  I bought both fabrics from the lovely Annie at The Village Haberdashery.  She also helpfully labels the Kona solid so you know which one it is for re-ordering!

So now I am ready for Autumn to arrive here in Scotland.  And to prove my readiness, here is another small purchase just for me.
I have never used this before but heard rave reports about it.  This is the fragranced one and guess what - I like it!  I put a thin layer on overnight on Wednesday and my skin felt and looked fantastic the next morning.  No joke!  I don't plan on using it all the time but maybe a once a week night treatment and if it gets really cold in the winter.

Isn't it lovely to treat yourself ? 
Collette x

Monday, 1 September 2014

Fresh Sewing Day

Fresh Sewing Day 

Hello!  Today my little boy turns 10 and I am also linking up with the beautiful Lynne for Fresh Sewing Day! 

Jings, 10 makes me feel old.  I mean a whole decade!!! Yikes! 

So here are some of the highlights of my August sewing.

I took part in the Big Stitch Swap and made this Dresden plate hand quilted cushion cover for my partner.

Made some bee blocks for Nicky (Bee a Brit Stingy)

 I done some hand quilting on a secret project.
And last but by no means least, my classes started again and my ladies are straight back into things!

What sewing have you been doing over the month of August? You can link up over at Lily's Quilts and read what others have been creating.
Collette x

Monday, 25 August 2014

10 Quilty Little Secrets

13 Spools 

While drinking my morning tea, I noticed my online chum, Jan (Isijem) had confessed to some sordid, little quilty secrets.  So I headed over to read Amy's (the original secret sharer) list and then Mr Sparkles at Molli Sparkles and grabbed the button there too.

So here is my list of quilty confessions -

  1. I love brown.   There I said it!  ( dodging the bullets)
  2. I am not Batik prejudiced.
  3. I can't sew a zipper to save my life!
  4. Once our puppy peed on a quilt block when I was doing a layout on the floor!
  5. I am completely self taught thanks to the wonderful wonders of youtube among other internet tools.  
  6. When I first started quilting I used the cheapest thread you can find and poly wadding - you know the super lofty, cheap as chips stuff!   Nasty!
  7. I will now only use Aurifil threads because they are excellent quality and love Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting. 
  8. I will often choose to hand quilt over machine quilting. I prefer the look (gasp!)
  9. I do not iron clothes but will happily press quilt seams ALL DAY!
  10. I cut my own EPP templates as I refuse to buy something when I can make them myself.

Feel free to share your list too! 
Collette x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Summer holidays are over!

Well it has been a bit too long hasn't it?  I hope I am not talking to myself here in blogland! 

Finally the kids returned to school on Monday, which means more blogging time for me! So I now have a p3 and a p6 - yikes how did that happen?

So this week I return to my normal schedule of housework, sewing and class planning.  Tomorrow we start our new courses.  We are all quite excited and looking forward to more creating and, of course, tea and biccies!  I will be sure to share what the ladies are up to this time around with you all.

Here is some of what I have been up to!

Some secret sewing ( I could tell you but you know, I would have to kill you etc)

Some selfish sewing with these - Aurifloss

I received this gorgeous organiser and scraps from my Big Stitch Swap partner - Allegory who blogs here A Thousand Needles.

And last but not least some mini blocks for Nicky and her beautiful Nordik quilt.  This is going to be a stunner of a quilt!  Take a look at her blog for some progress shots and some the awesome blocks she is making.  She even has made some tutorials to share her great wisdom with us all!!
Off to rescue my washing from the incoming rain.
Collette x

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Coffee, cake and a catch up!

Well yesterday I managed to escape from my beloved children for a few hours.  Colin looked after them while I headed into town to meet up with four of the lovely ladies from my morning quilting class.

We met in a gorgeous little coffee shop called Mamita's and had a little show and tell session too!  Jenny and Elizabeth finished their Full Bloom quilts.  When the course I was teaching finished, they only had some quilting to finish and their binding.

Aren't they beautiful? (please excuse the grainy instagram photos but I didn't take my big girl camera).

This is Jenny's beautiful, fresh Full Bloom wall hanging.

This is Elizabeth's warm, richly coloured hanging.

Elizabeth even added a little ladybird on a leaf to personalise her wall hanging even more! 

I can't tell you how proud I am of these two ladies!  Well all of the people that come to my class.  I still can't believe at times that they want me to teach them! 

So we chatted a great deal about our next course.  The other two ladies are keen to start back again also and we will be learning strip piecing techniques to make a nine patch/Irish Chain quilt!

Watch this space!
Collette x

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Big Stitch Swap finish!

Hooray I have a finish!  A while back I joined the Big Stitch Swap.  This swap was organised by Fairy Face Designs and Fluffy Sheep Quilting.  The objective was to make an item featuring some hand stitching; embroidery, cross stitch, hand quilting - you get the idea!

So after stalking my secret (ssshhh) partner I came up with this;

 A Hand Quilted Dresden plate cushion cover.  I don't want to reveal the back as it may give away who my partner is!  I loved making the Dresden and doing all the hand quilting in perle cotton thread.  It is one of those makes you would quite like to keep for yourself.  I view that as a positive though as it means I have invested my heart and soul in making the item! 

I can't wait to see what I receive from my partner, and will be sure to share it with you as soon as I receive it!  Oh so exciting!

I am mostly up to date with all my Quilting Bee blocks now.  I managed to get a quick Instagram photo of these lovely crosses for Amy at Amy's Crafty Shenanigans.  Amy very kindly posted little pre cut packages to all of the us Hipbee ladies.  This resulted in super speedy bee blocks using gorgeous low volume fabrics. 

I think you will agree that Amy shall have a lovely quilt once all her blocks are back with her!

Tomorrow I am off into town for coffee and cake and a little show and tell with my morning class ladies.  I am hoping they have finished off their Full Bloom wall hangings and I am very excited about sharing their finishes and any new projects with you all!
Collette x