Saturday, 12 April 2014

Meet my new friend!

My new to me Bernina 707 Minimatic!  I have longed for a vintage sewing machine for a while now and could finally afford to get one.  I first of all began looking at Singer Featherweights due to their beauty and reputation.  However, the prices are kind of crazy at times due to their scarceness and popularity among quilters.

Of course there was no way I could afford a brand new Bernina.  So after lots of internet research I came across this Bernina machine on a sewing machine repair services facebook page. 

Turns out this little cracker has been reconditioned pretty much - cam gear replaced, bobbin winder rubber and fully serviced too!  The foot pedal is the original for the machine( circa 1968-71) also and there is a spiffing wee extension table too.  AND to top it all off the price was very reasonable in comparison with some of the greedy eBay sellers!

So she came on next day delivery and I love her to pieces.  There is a free online manual for her which clearly showed me how to thread her and what all the levers and switches are for.  Her straight stitch is stunning!  And she purrs like a kitten.  Honestly.

I would never have thought I would have said this but, they really don't make them like this anymore.  Oh, and she is heavy as anything but at least I know she is sturdy.  The plan is to use her for mainly piecing and use my larger, modern machine for the quilting work.

Can you tell I am a bit pleased?
In other news, the kids are currently off on their Easter break so I haven't been running my classes or getting much daytime sewing done.  I have managed another little block for the Green Tea and Sweet Beans pattern.
I fussy cut the flower and like how it has turned out.  This block was super fiddly to say the least as it is hand pieced.  ( I use Aurifil 50wt for hand piecing and applique as it is strong, sleek and beautiful to work with).  The gentle curves were tricky and needed a few pins but the most fiddly part for me was sewing the bottom half ( stem and leaves) to the top flower half!  Anyway I got there and have two more to make! 

I managed to make two bee blocks for the Siblings Together Quilting Bee also.  Hadley sent us this gorgeous sewing themed fabric and had us make St Louis 16 patch blocks.  If you want to find out more about this really worthwhile cause then click here to visit Lily's Quilts for more info.

Speak soon!
Collette xx

Thursday, 3 April 2014

looks can be deceiving!

So this last week I have had a deadline to finish a baby quilt for a lovely customer in the U.S.  It is a larger version of a quilt which is already in my Etsy shop.  Although I have used a different layout of fabric placements with this one.

Quilt stats are -  Churn dash block 6 1/2" unfinished
                           48" x 36" size
                            blue binding

I have also been working on some more blocks for my Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt.
The background is a feedsack fabric and the little domes are Pam Kitty fabric.

I also made a Card Trick block as a lady in one of my classes wanted to try this out to add to her quilted bag.
I have never made this block before, and guess what?  Now I know why!  One word - triangles!
Doesn't it look so sweet and innocent sitting there are pretty?  All I can say is spray starch and patience of a saint!
It does look great though I have got to admit!
So I have the next few weeks off from my classes due to the Easter break.  Hopefully I will be checking in with you all a little more.
Collette x

Thursday, 27 March 2014

sharing and caring

Hello! A quick pop in today to show you all what has been going on here in sunny Ayrshire!

I am working on some more needleturn applique for Green Tea and Sweet Beans.

 One of the lovely ladies in my morning class bought me some of this beautiful fabric.  She used it in her gorgeous table runner she made and I had been eyeing it up for weeks saying how lovely it is!  I will be taking some of my stash in for her to pick something from!

 And speaking of table runners - here are some of the ones the ladies in my morning class finished.  They are beautiful and all different and they are a very talented bunch!

I am proud as punch and can't wait to show you what the afternoon class have been making soon!
Collette x
p.s. I wanted to ask my readers another little question about hand sewing -  who taught you?  Self, mum, gran, Auntie, dad, or school?  I am self taught essentially and am curious to know how other people learned their various hand sewing techniques from applique to embroidery to hand quilting!
Collette x

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How slow do you go?

This last few days I have been working away on a needleturn applique block from Green Tea and Sweet Beans.  This pattern in handpieced which means hand sewing.

I love slow projects that I can savour like this one.  It got me thinking!  What is it you love/hate about slow sewing?  I would love to know. 

I love the relaxation it brings me.  Hand quilting is a love of mine and I feel like it is almost meditative. 

So go on and share on what you love or hate about hand sewing!
Collette x

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

catch up and a cuppa

Well let me fill you in on what I have been up to since the giveaway on Friday.

I finally got Emily's bee blocks finished for our Bee a Brit Stingy bee.  She asked for log cabins and shall have a beautiful quilt once assembled I am sure.

I also finished up this bee block for our Siblings Together bee!

I was binding a quilt over the weekend.  This one is some secret sewing so can't do the full reveal just yet!

And finally I have been working on a class sample for our new course starting soon.  We will be making a quilted tote bag with a block on each side.  This is a Dutchman's puzzle block using the most gorgeous fabric by Malka Dubrawsky.  This is from her From Outside In fabric range for Moda fabrics. 

So I have been busy and having lots of fun in the process!  Please feel free to share what you have been working on!
Collette x

Friday, 28 February 2014


We have a winner chosen by my youngest Emma !

The lovely Hadley who blogs here.  Well done lady!!! Xx Thank you all so much for taking part.  Love you all! Xx

Thursday, 27 February 2014