About me

Hello and thank you for reading my blog!  This is my journal of my crafting journey and I hope you enjoy catching up with me.

I am 40 years young, a redhead, a wife and a mum and a quilter!  When I am not busy running after my 3 children ( ooops hubby and 2 kids I mean) then you will find me sewing, quilting,  drawing, linocutting or blogging. 
I also teach beginner's patchwork and quilting in my local sewing shop, Just Sew Fabrics. I am a regular contributor to Quilt Now, British Patchwork & Quilting and have a few commissions to be featured in Love Patchwork & Quilting.

I found quilting l0 years ago through the blogosphere and am self taught through fantastic online tutorials.  

So welcome to me!   Introduce yourself and enjoy. 

Collette x

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