About me

Hello and thank you for reading my blog!  This is my space for logging my quilting journey and I hope you enjoy the stories and work I share with you.

Quilting found me over 10 years ago in the blogosphere.  Curiosity got the better of me and I dived into this world, as a total beginner, picking up a general sewing needle, thread and some squares of fabric. 
I am self taught and learned many of the basics from you tube and quilting blogs.  Having very young children left little time for attending quilting classes! 
 This hobby took over and became a passion.  I now work from home as a freelance quilt designer for several magazines.  
My designs have been featured in Quilt Now, British Patchwork and Quilting and Love Patchwork and Quilting magazines.  
Over the last few years I have rediscovered my love of illustration.  I enjoy exploring my creativity by experimenting with different crafts which I can sometimes incorporate into my designs.  
I hope you enjoy my blog! 

Collette x l. 

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